A 501(c)(3) Chariatable Organization

Arts Bridging the Gap


Illuminating a bright path for all children

By improving academic results and

self efficacy of  children through

arts edu-experiences.


Our work is deeply rooted in the knowledge that children are all capable of incredible things they just need the resources and to believe in themselves.
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​​We involve local communities in​ all the work we do - art is made to be shared and its power to transform those communities is awe inspiring.

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Our Mission is to bring top quality arts programs and experiences to children in underserved communities in order to improve their quality of life, academic success and future prospects. 

​We support, advocate, and raise funds for top quality art organizations and their implementation of arts programs for children and communities in underserved areas.

We are committed to constant evaluation and research into the effectiveness of our work and effects on our children and their communities in order to permanently shift the inequity of access to arts education and education  resources in the United States of America. 

Mindful evaluation of ours, and related programs​ is the evidence we require to ensure every child has access to the education they deserve.
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