Arts Bridging the Gap

A Virtual Reality Dance Party

​At the end of a long Twitch fundraising stream we invited everyone in any place in the world to join us for a good old fashioned dance circle! The intention of the 360 video was to literally immerse the viewers in the magic that can be created when strangers come together in music and dance; to show how shyness disappears and all that is left is smiles, laughter and some fancy dance moves!

To experience the dance party in VR please CONTACT US

Mindfulness Expo - Art Experience

As part of the AltaMed Mindfulness Expo at USC we created two art pieces.
We held a contest for students in LAUSD to submit their vision of mindfulness. Our winner – created this magical design and then 100s of children used their hands to help make it a larger than life reality.
A wall of drawing where children could add a wish for other children and take a wish that had been left for them.

Pretexts with Harvard cultural Agents

An incredibly impactful professional development program that supports all teachers to use art in their daily instruction. We are working with the Harvard Cultural Agents - Pretext program on a pilot  in LA with 25 lucky teachers within one of the most challenged Charter School Associations. This program is the most effective, scalable way to gain access to and connection with children who are challenged by standard educational models. It brings art into children’s every day learning and demystifies the most complex of texts.

THE WHY: Improves academic results for all students by simplifying difficult subjects. Engages students in learning and increases attendance and graduation rates.

Our Programs

Girls Make VR

Arts Bridging the Gap, VRLA School, and SH//FT are teaming up to create ‘Girls Make VR.’  After the success of the hands-on workshop at the VRLA Summer Expo 2016, we decided to continue enabling diversity and inclusion in the immersive tech industry by putting on continual educational events for young girls from underserved areas.  We want to make sure these girls have a strong role in the development of this new technology by giving them the skills, creative inspiration, resources, and encouragement needed to become leaders in the field.

THE WHY - Increased school attendance, graduation rates, access to college scholarships,

employability and heightened self efficacy in learning and career trajectory

Girls Make VR at VRLA Summer Expo

LA girls create art in VR as part of VRLA Summer Expo. We were very honored to partner with VRLA, Girls who Code, Big Brothers Big Sisters and River Studio to bring in 25 girls between the age of 13-18 to learn how to create a basic VR project and then explore the newest VR demos with a group of VR influencers.
We believe Art and tech are one in the same when it comes to our future and we couldn’t be more excited to be combining our work in art with others work in Tech.

Our Piece of Love

In conjunction with I am Spartacus Entertainment we brought together families from all different cultures and experiences and created LOVE literally :)

We created a yarning board that would uncovered the word love the more love our friends gave it. We filmed the whole process of the art piece creation and came up with this fun piece.

You can view the final video HERE.

Pershing Square Renew - Art experience

We happily partnered with the design and architecture firm Gensler (create hyperlink for name for to produce a community interactive art piece to involve all who visited Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles for the launch of the Pershing Square Renew Project.
We chose yarning and chalk drawing/writing as two mediums that are accessible to all and it worked so magically as at any given time there were business men, children and members of the housing challenged community all yarning together.
We are excited to continue our working relationship with the team as official members of the Tech/Art committee for the redesign of the Iconic Park.


An annual online awareness campaign educating people on the need for Arts Education for all children. The event is held on the 25th of February and is curated by Arts Bridging the Gap

The Empathy Project

An educational environmental Arts Project envisioned, planned and created by children living in significantly different environments with a diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds in order to create community engagement, civic pride, a sense of leadership and ownership for the future and is infused with valuable life lessons experiences and skills.

This Project is carefully structured to encourage deep levels of empathy and connection amongst the children, their families, organizational partners, the school, teachers,volunteers, funders, the greater community and anyone that experiences the work. The entire project is captured in Virtual Reality to immerse everyone in the experience of empathy and connection

THE WHY: Empathy has been proven to be one of the most important traits in successful people. It creates ownership of their future and instills the importance of community integration and understanding in our future leaders. 

Current Projects

A 501(c)(3) Chariatable Organization

Past Projects

Hollywood Street Art Initiative

A truly exciting partnership with the Hollywood Police Department, Police Activities League of Hollywood and Hollywood Arts Council to create a roadmap of Street art pieces created by children of Hollywood that represent community, compassion, pride in our city and our bright and colorful future.
The first piece will be commence in the spring of 2017 and will appear on the community building at Fountain and Wilcox – stay tuned for our next locations.

THEWHY: Children feeling ownership and pride in their community, understanding civic responsibility and pride, and a reduced crime rate in the direct vicinity of the art pieces.