Georgia Van Cuylenburg

Believer in magic, children and the power of planning, research and a smile.

Art: Theatre, Writing, Singing, classical recorder, face painting and baking.

Kevin Williams

Arts Bridging the Gap

Lyndsay Brooks

Because every child deserves the best chance at life!

Our Why

We have researched, tested, experienced and enjoyed the incredible power that art, expression and the joint experiences has to transform communities and people. With many incredible services and solutions available to those living in underserved communities we believe the missing piece is the self belief, the access and how that translates into academic, social and life success.

We are here to offer that piece.

"I grew up surround by art, music, theatre, expression and play. I firmly believe it is those moments that gave me the true life knowledge I needed to succeed and live a happy meaningful life. When I moved to the USA and learned that so many of the precious children I met didn't have access to all of this I had to do something. Now rooted in thorough research, with the support of incredible partners and volunteers, we are able to make a strategic, science based difference to our kids."

- Georgia Van C - ABG Founder

Our What 

- We initiate, design and make possible top level educational art experiences and programs that will empower children with     the methods and practice of thinking, expressing and creating that is required in today's workforce and social culture.

- We bring together various top level organizations and create powerful partnerships to make these programs and      

   experiences possible.

- What create the funding, resources and relationships needed to provide these crucial experiences to our children.

Our Team

Lizbeth Vega

Noticer of details, believer in the lasting impact of positivity, and learning to practice gratefulness and bewilderment daily. 
Art: Traveler turned amateur photographer, hiker, dreamer, painter, jewelry maker, and fan of fonts.

A 501(c)(3) Chariatable Organization

Our why, what and who

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